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About Akademos

The „AKADEMOS” journal of science, innovation, culture and art is a scientific periodical, category „B”, a reviewed journal of Open Access.

ISSN 1857-0461

Edition – 500 copies

Periodicity – quarterly

Language of publication – Romanian, open for publications in English and Russian

Online version: http://akademos.asm.md

Founder – Academy of Sciences of Moldova

The „AKADEMOS” journal of science, innovation, culture and art is a wide scientific periodical aimed at reflecting the modern scientific phenomenon and its evolution, promoting the fundamental and applied researches from various fields, new technologies and scientific achievements, approaching topics and elucidating investigations related to the material and non-material spiritual heritage, culture and arts.

The journal is published quarterly, in 500 copies, being distributed free-of-charge in the academic and university background and in local and overseas libraries, as well. It has been founded by the Academy of Sciences of Moldova and registered by the Ministry of Justice of the Republic of Moldova on May 25, 2005.

Legal address: Chisinau, 1 Stefan cel Mare si Sfant av.

Following the Decision of the Supreme Council for Science and Technological Development of the Academy of Sciences of Moldova and the National Council for Accreditation and Attestation no.146 dated 27.06.2013 „Regarding the approval of the evaluation results and classification of profile scientific journals”, the „AKADEMOS” journal of science, innovation, culture and art is recognized as a scientific periodical, category „B”.

The copyright of published articles belongs to their authors.
The publication  implements  a  peer-review process to ensure the quality of scientific articles.
There are no fees for publishing or reviewing the articles.

Instructions on the publication of scientific articles in the “AKADEMOS” Journal


Editor in-chief
Viorica Cucereanu   vcucereanu.asm[at]gmail.com

Members of editorial board
Acad., Prof. Gheorghe Duca, President of ASM   ggduca[at]gmail.com
Acad., Prof. Ion Tighineanu, First Deputy President of ASM   tiginyanu[at]asm.md
Cor.mem., Prof. Ion Guceac, Deputy President of ASM   ion.guceac[at]asm.md
Dr. hab. Aurelia Hanganu, General Scientific Secretary of ASM   aureliahanganu[at]yahoo.com
Acad., Prof. Grigore Belostecinic, rector of the Academy of Economic Studies of Moldova, President of Rectors' Council   anticamera[at]ase.md
Acad., Prof. Teodor Furdui, President of the Council of Academicians of ASM   valentina.ciochina[at]gmail.com
Acad., Prof. Mihai Cimpoi, President of the Ethics Committee of ASM   acad.cimpoi[at]gmail.com
Acad., Prof. Aurelian Gulea, coordinator of Natural and Exact Sciences Department of ASM   ssne[at]gmail.com
Dr. hab., Prof. Veaceslav Ursachi, coordinator of Engineering and Technological Sciences Department of ASM   ssit[at]asm.md
Acad., Prof. Boris Gaina, coordinator of Agricaltural Sciences Department of ASM   b.gaina[at]mail.ru
Acad., Prof. Stanislav Groppa, coordinator of Medical Sciences Department of ASM   stgroppa[at]gmail.com
Dr. hab., Prof. Victor Moraru, coordinator of Social and Economic Sciences Department of ASM   prof.moraru[at]gmail.com
Dr. hab., Prof. Aurelian Dănilă, coordinator of Humanitarians and Arts Department of ASM   socio-uman[at]asm.md

„AKADEMOS” – an electronic journal of Open Access

The Open Access to the achievements of scientific researches is supported by the international initiatives from Budapest, Berlin and Bethesda. In our country, the state policy in the field of sciences and innovation is carried out based on the Code on Science and Innovation of the Republic of Moldova, adopted in year 2004, which provides the guaranteed access to scientific information.

The Academy of Sciences of Moldova, the founder of „AKADEMOS” journal, supports the policy of Open Access, being committed to provide access to the given periodical.

The „AKADEMOS” journal is a scientific periodical of Open Access, representing an alternative for the publication and promotion of scientific achievements in the academic and university background.

Copyright info:
"Transfer of copyright agreement"
When the article is accepted for publication, I, as the author and representative of the coauthors, hereby agree to transfer to Akademos all rights, including those pertaining to electronic forms and transmissions, under existing copyright laws, except for the following, which the author specifically retain: the right to make further copies of all or part of the published article for my use in classroom teaching; the right to reuse all or part of this material in a review or in a textbook of which I am the author; the right to make copies of the published work for internal distribution within the institution that employs me.
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