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Academia de Stiinte a Moldovei

Instruction for authors

1. The scientific articles of the authors of the Republic of Moldova and other countries, in the field of life sciences, exact and engineering, social and economic, humanities and arts, focused on scientific issues of important fundamental and applicative resonance, are subject to publication, being consistent in terms of scientific novelty.

2. The authors will be identified by last name, first name, scientific title and didactic degree, institutional affiliation and e-mail address.

3. The authors of the scientific articles will comply with the following requirements:

a) Volume of the article - about 15-30 thousand characters without spaces (Times New Roman, font size 12, line spacing 1,5, page size border: top, bottom, left, right 30 mm, header and footer 20 mm). As an exception, the Editorial Board may authorize the volume of the article to be exceeded or published in the consecutive issues of the journal;

b) The structure of the article: article title, summary, keywords, introduction, applied methods and materials (for the life sciences, exact and engineering, social and economic), the research degree of the issue at national and international level, versus their own contribution, conclusions, bibliographical references. For articles with a socio-humanistic topic, the structure of the article is optional, the summaries, keywords, conclusions and bibliographic references being compulsory;

c) the titles of articles and summaries will be concise, clear, informative, relevant;

d) the titles, summaries and keywords of the articles are submitted in Romanian and English.

e) the bibliographic references are presented according to the ISO Standard 690: 2012 Bibliographic references. In the text, in square brackets, the bibliographic sources will be indicated in alphabetical order.

f) bibliographic sources with Cyrillic characters will be transliterated;

g) up to 5-8 figures, tables and other photo and graphic elements are accepted in an article. The graphic components are accompanied by name or captions (above the table, below figure), order number (below element) and additional information (notes, sources). The graphic components will be presented separately from the article, in original - JPG, Excel format etc.

4. The orthographic norms of writing with â and “sunt” are recommended for use, according to the rules “Sextil Puşcariu” (CSŞDT decision of the Academy of Sciences of Moldova of 25.07.2016).