Akademos - Revista de știinta, inovare, cultura si arta

Academia de Stiinte a Moldovei


  1. The instruction on the publication of scientific articles in the “Akademos” journal is developed on the basis of the Regulation regarding the assessment and classification of scientific journals, approved by the Decision of the Supreme Council for Science and Technological Development (SCSTD) of the Academy of Sciences of Moldova and CNA no. 147 dated 25.06.2015, with the subsequent amendments and supplements, and of the Guidelines for the PhD theses and self-reports, approved by the CNAA Attestation Commission Decision no. AT03/11 dated 23.04.2009.
  2. There are liable for free-of-charge publication the scientific articles of the authors from the Republic of Moldova and other countries in the field of natural and exact sciences, engineering and technological, medical, agricultural, social and economic, humanistic and art sciences, focused on scientific issues of fundamental and applicative resonance, consistent in terms of scientific novelty, but also of interest for a large number of readers. The publishing language is Romanian, as well as the international languages. The publication of articles in international languages is negotiated with the editorial board, but their total volume will not exceed ¼ of the volume of the journal.
  3. The editorial board undertakes to organize the anonymous and compulsory review of articles submitted for publication. Reviewers are selected by the editorial board.
  4. The authors of scientific articles shall comply with the following technical requirements:
    1. The volume of the article - about 20-25 thousand characters without spaces (Times New Roman, font size 12, rows spacing 1,5, page format edges: top, bottom, left, right 30 mm, header and footer 20 mm. As an exception, the editorial board may authorize the exceeding of the volume of article or its publication in the consecutive numbers of the journal;
    2. The authors will comply with the following structure of the article: title of the article, summary (in English and Romanian), key words, introduction, applied methods and materials (for exact sciences and life sciences), level of research of the issue at national and international level, conclusions, bibliographic references. For the articles with socio-humanistic topic, the summaries, key words, conclusions and bibliographical references are mandatory, as for the rest, the structure of the article is optional;
    3. The headlines of articles and summaries will be concise, clear, informative, relevant;
    4. The headlines, summaries and key words of the articles are submitted in Romanian and English;
    5. The bibliographical references are submitted according to the ISO 690 Standard: 2010 Bibliographic References and the provisions of the CNAA Attestation Commission Decision no. AT03 dated 23.04.2009;
    6. There are accepted up to 5-8 figures, tables and other photo and graphic elements in an article. The graphic components will be placed under the given reference in the text. The graphic components are accompanied by the title (above the table, below the figure), serial number, source (under the element) and additional information (notes, legends). The graphic components will be presented separately from the article, in original – JPG format, Excel, etc.
  5. It is approved and recommended to use the orthographic spelling standards with “â” and “sunt” according to the rules “Sextil Puşcariu” (SCSTD Decision dated 25.07.2016).
  6. The identification of authors will be performed by name, surname, title and scientific degree, institutional affiliation and address, including e-mail.
  7. The authors have full responsibility for the original character and content of the articles presented.